Hello, welcome to the world of fiction, non-fiction, body-positive, and black nerdy writing that is Coco by Monthly Press. Mainly I write about writing, nerd culture, and pop culture in between sharing different pieces of advice about self-publishing and specifically writing as a woman of color.

As a writer, my goal is to begin opening up the insular spaces of the writing world, to begin a truly independent self-sustaining writers platform to produce regular works for a diverse and eager audience. Let’s break the mold here. Black fantasy, black science fiction, black paranormal romance, etc. etc. are my jam. The world is such a magnificent rainbow why limit one’s self to one representation over and over. Coco by monthly Press is here to push boundaries of social and political thought, to explore a world fraught with invention and self-invention, and to push back on the standards set for us for so long.

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