Reblog: The New Trend that Kills

…wherein this story gets a cliché title…

via Microfiction Monday #7: The New Trend Kills. — my Lit Corner

I highly reccomend that everyone try to incorporate reading three micro fictions a week. They’re quick ways to get your imagination engine running. For writers they’re amazing ways to learn and practice how to condense a story. For readers, especially of genre fiction, this gives you a quick potent fix of your favorite stories. We don’t always have time to sit down and read a whole chapter, needless to say a whole trilogy. Seeking out micro fiction can be a great way to get a wonderful story into your day’s schedule. They’re short enough for lunch breaks or coffee breaks. They’re great for when you just can’t concentrate on anything for long periods of time. Being mom or dad or gran, or babysitter means you do a lot of running around, but you just might be able to read a whole piece of micro fiction before someone needs their next cup of juice because they changed their mind about wanting the glass of milk you poured five minutes ago. By searching blogs for short fiction, or buying collections on kindle or nook you may find exciting new authors and stories that stick with you forever.

Trust me the right micro fiction by the right author is totally worth it!


4 thoughts on “Reblog: The New Trend that Kills

  1. As long winded as I am (and I AM long winded) I love micro fiction. Maybe because it’s so anathema to my typical writing style and therefore a challenge to do. There is no bullshit involved. There’s a twitter tag #microstory, and I think it was started by a sci-fi writer. I’ve dabbled in it a little and have a few posted on my blog and Deviant Art. Years ago I read this book, too, called The World’s Shortest Stories of Love and Dead that was pretty much filled with ones. You could submit, too, which I did, but I never heard anything back. This was when I was still in college, so lord only knows how bad that writing was :p


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